Innovation Project

For my English, we were assigned this project called the “30 Day Innovation Project.” Basically, it’s where you come up with an idea to contribute to your community and the society. My group and I had wanted to help the incoming students that tend to get lost around the school. The school is quite big and confusing, so we thought the least we could do is make a little guide for them to follow when navigating their classes.


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The BRAWL: Head to Head

Recently, my English class did this activity called The BRAWL. Basically, two groups would be asked a question, and they would present their take on it. Both teams would have to make some type of comparison between the book being discussed (in this case, my class used “All Quiet on the Western Front”) and something that is relatable to many people all around. Sometimes the two groups would have similar ideas and agree, but the soul purpose was to find something to debate. Everyone has different opinions, even though we do agree on certain things.

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The school year is coming to an end, which means that this account is going to be no longer….. JUST KIDDING. If you guys didn’t, this account was made to blog for my English class. After the school year is over, we are not required to continue this website. But, I have come to really enjoy blogging, so you can definitely expect more content. Sorry for the lack of posts these past couple weeks, finals are coming up so it’s been real busy!

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Dear Future

I absolutely love this! I completely agree that we should just live in the present, and not worry about the far future. I’m the type of person that knows exactly what I want and have big things in mind, but the thought terrifies me at the same… What about you? How do YOU feel about the future?

Ally's Wonderland

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

                                    -Abraham Lincoln

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It’s kind of scary, isn’t it? The future.

It’s this massive, looming thing that hangs over our heads, wanders around in the back of our minds, slips through our thoughts and conversations, and leaves behind this sense of wonder, a sense of fear and awe for what we don’t know.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destinies, but ourselves.”

– Shakespeare

Some people look towards the future with bright, sparkling eyes. Dream and ideas, visions and thoughts waiting to be created, to be done, experienced. There are others who know exactly where they’re going, they can see the future ahead of them, they know where they are, who they are, and…

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What To Do On Bad Days

Do you ever have those days where you’re just not feeling it? Like, you don’t want to associate with anyone, you don’t want people to see you, you want to be left alone… I have days like those pretty often. On those days, it’s best to leave me alone and give me my space. It’s the worst when you don’t feel like talking, but someone keeps going on and on about something you just don’t care about. There are times when I want to and am about to lash out on everyone, but I have learned how to catch myself from doing so. I have learned in the past that it’s not the best way to lash out on someone because you’re having a bad day, and then later feel bad about what you did when you’ve calmed down again. There are so many ways to keep yourself calm and cool when you’re in this situation, and I’m going to give you a few tips!

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Current Favorites: YouTubers

Hey guys! So you know how I started this thing I called “Current Favorites” a little while back? Well, I haven’t done one ever since and I miss it! So this week, I thought I’d share with you guys some people that I have been watching a lot lately. My all-time favorite is Zoe Sugg, or she also goes by the name of “Zoella.” Her most recent video had me in a pool of tears!

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Warm Weather Coming in Strong

Now that spring has arrived, the weather is starting to warm up. In southern California, which is where I live. Most morning are cool, but the afternoon can vary from being warm with few clouds, to blazing hot with clear skies. I’m not quite used to the transition from chill to warm yet, so I often find myself wondering what I should do. Even though my schedule has been packed lately, I always try to find some time each week to go out when the sun is out and shining bright.

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Zoning Out: Music

My friends and I were just cruising down the road, heading to the Santa Monica Pier one summer day. Our windows were down, and we were just blasting our music. All of a sudden, “Santeria” by Sublime came on. That was my jam when I was younger, and I still remembered all of the lyrics. We were getting closer to the beach, seeing people walking towards the beach. I immediately thought to myself, “The beach and reggae music… what a classic.” As I was looking through the window and people watching, I started jamming out, singing and dancing in my seat. In that very moment, all I heard was the music. When the song ended, I turned around and my friends we’re taking Snapchats of me jamming out. I didn’t even notice their giggling from the backseats! Music is just so powerful…

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