Being Alone

A question that often pops up in my head is, “Why is the society we live in today so afraid of being alone?” In my eyes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being alone. Whether it be walking around by yourself or just chilling on your own. I feel like people are afraid of being alone, especially when walking, because they’re scared that something bad will happen to them. Yes, there are things that can happen to you if you walk alone, but know when it is appropriate to do so! Obviously, it would not be the best and safest idea to walk all alone at midnight. People are also afraid of being judged when they’re seen out alone. They don’t want others to think that they’re a loner with no friends. 

One of the things that bother me a whole lot is when people complain about not getting enough alone time, but then when they finally get some time to be alone, they complain about being alone. Always cherish those moments where you can just sit back and relax with no interruptions. It’s times like those where you can sit there and think, and reflect about everything that’s going on in your life. I’m in my own little world full of my thoughts whenever I’m alone. Sometimes when you’re alone, you start to think back to bad memories, but you have to be positive and get in the habit of reliving good memories in your mind. Never spend your alone time on your phone because that defeats the whole purpose of being alone! Treasure the time you have to yourself, because they don’t come that often. There’s always something that disrupts you when all you want to do is be alone, so don’t pass up the opportunity of having time to be alone.

Nothing should stop you from wanting to be alone. There are so many great things that you can do when you’re alone, when they are not interruptions to distract you. Being alone can be a very peaceful, if you allow yourself to do so. When you’re alone, try not to stress and worry about anything and make the best of your time of being alone. Take a deep breath and relax. You can take a nice walk/jog, go hiking, or you can even sit around and take a nap. Do anything that pleases you in your alone time. See? Being alone isn’t so bad, is it? 


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