Why is Your Fate in God’s Hands?

Your fate is in God’s hands because he has control over your life. He knows your every move and determines your destiny when you are born.

For example, in the book Sophocles: The Oedipus Cycle, Oedipus King of Thebes’ prophecy was that he would kill his own father and sleep with his mother. That is exactly what happened, but he had not known that. He was the murderer of his father, but yet he didn’t figure that out until many years later when he became a grown man with his own kids, whom he had with his mother/wife Iocaste. Once he found out that his horrible prophecy was true, he gauged his eyes out and was exiled from Thebes. After years of wandering, Oedipus stumbled upon the holy grounds of Colonus, with the help of his daughter Antigone’s guide. Oedipus said his prophecy said that he was to die at Colonus. Creon and Oedipus’ sons tried to convince him to come back to Thebes and pass away there because the oracle predicted that whichever city he would be buried in will be brought good fortune. Oedipus declared that his sons Polynices and Eteocles would die by each others’ arms because they had exiled him. Oedipus did not care for what Creon and his sons had to say and stayed in Colonus, where he later died, because his fate was already predetermined. Daughters of Oedipus Antigone and Ismene return to Thebes and their brothers are dead by each others’ hands, just as Oedipus said. Creon, now King of Thebes, declared that Eteocles will be buried properly because he supported the Thebes, but Polynices will not be buried because he almost tore down the city. Antigone still wanted to bury Polynices, even though Creon decreed that anyone who buried him will be cursed with death. Ismene, on the other hand, followed the king’s rule and didn’t want to help Antigone. After Creon found out that Antigone buried her brother Polynices, he sent her away to be buried alive in her tomb. Tiresias, the blind soothsayer of Thebes, later talked to Creon saying that his denial to bury Polynices and his punishment for Antigone will send curses to Thebes. Creon did not believe him though. Then, he found out that his son committed suicide once he found out that Antigone had died. Creon’s wife also committed suicide after hearing of her son’s death, leaving Creon all alone. The picture is of Oedipus sleeping and he is laying in God’s hands. This represents that your life and destiny are determined by God. When it comes to your fate, you let your guards down and allow God to control what will happen. Oedipus sleeping represents letting your guard down because everyone lets their guards down when they are asleep. Is it your fate that belongs in the hands of God. The picture features God’s hands holding onto a sleeping Oedipus, who is exhausted from his journey as a blind, homeless man. His once handsome features are now sunken in, with his bones protruding through his wrinkled skin. However, even through all of this, Oedipus manages to sleep peacefully in God’s hands. When a person sleeps, their guard is down, Oedipus manages to sleep in calmness even in times of distress, because of his trust in God and what fate will lead him to.

By Kathlynn & Katherine


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