First Dates

Having trouble with trying to plan out a first date? No worries because I can help! Usually, the guy asks they girl out, but it can be the other way around! Girls shouldn’t be afraid of asking a guy out, there’s nothing holding them back. Girls, you just have to be confident and chill, and that should do the trick. Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing so. Trust me, boys wouldn’t mind being asked out because that means they wouldn’t have to stress over it for once

Anyways, first thing’s first: How are you going to ask the person?! Girls can be a bit more complicated, so guys if you’re planning on asking a girl, don’t expect a girl to always say yes to a date if you ask her over text. Get her flowers and nicely ask her face to face and she’ll be satisfied. Guys are simpler and you don’t have to go overboard when asking them. That doesn’t mean you should ask them over text, it just means that you don’t have to get them anything. You just need to simply ask them in person. If you want to go on a date with someone, the number one rule when asking them is never, EVER ask them over text or online! 

Once the person says yes to the date, you have to pick out your location! During the summer, going to the beach and taking a nice long walk or going for a nice dip in the ocean would be great! Another good destination for your date in the summer would be at the park, where you can make a picnic for the two of you. The sun is out during the summer, so why not soak in the sun while it lasts? During the winter, the perfect place to take someone on a date is to take them to an ice skating rink. Chances are, one of the two of you aren’t going to know how to skate, and that means both of you can be nice and snuggled up in the cold rink. Afterwards, you guys can go out and get a nice hot chocolate. Going out for a nice dinner or to the movies is something you can do anytime during the year. Don’t take your date to a fast food place and call that a nice dinner. Take them to somewhere that isn’t too cheap or too expensive, like The Cheesecake Factory. If you take your date to a movie, choose a scary movie, only if your date doesn’t mind, so that they can cuddle into you if they’re scared. One downside to going to the movies is that you don’t get to talk to your date that much because you guys are in a movie theater with people around you wanting to watch the actual movie. The whole point of a first date is to get to know the person even more. 

Now that you’ve got your perfect destination for your date and a spectacular date to go with, you’re all set!


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