Chillzzz & Thrillzzz of October

HALLOWEEN IS COMING UP VERY SHORTLY!! Are you guys excited? I know that I am! October is one of my favorite months because of the fact that everything starts getting into the holiday mood, and there’s also Halloween!

October means that the leaves are turning red, and the nights get colder. Cold weather doesn’t always necessarily kick in right when October starts, especially in California, but it gets cooler as each day goes by. I love cool weather because I get to bring out my sweaters, jeans, and boots! Once October begins, stores start bringing out spiced and pumpkin flavored foods, which are some of my absolute favorites! I always get excited for the holidays whenever I eat spiced foods and it just makes me feel all warm inside. I think it’s always nice to kick back with some pumpkin spiced latte and pumpkin cookies. I feel like there are pumpkins everywhere in October. Whether it be in food, carved, or on someone’s doorstep, I quite enjoy pumpkins. Towards mid-October, stores slowly bring out and sell Christmas themed things, such as candles, ornaments, etc., but I’m going to save that until it’s December! For me, I think that October is the kick off the holiday season. 

Halloween is one of the most fun celebrations because October 31st the one day where you can dress up in whatever you’d like and go get candy with friends. What’s also so great is the fact that you can be any age to go trick-or-treating, it doesn’t matter. For children, it the day where they can be their favorite character. For adults, it’s the one day where they can feel like a kid again. I think that teens and adults get the most fun out of Halloween. Not only do they get to go trick-or-treating, but there are also haunted houses, mazes, and hayrides. Each year many amusement parks turn the whole park into a place where people will scream from thrill. You surely can’t forget about the movies because around this time is when many horror films are shown in theaters. Halloween means candy, costumes, haunted amusement parks, and horror movies. What’s not to enjoy about Halloween?!


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