What To Do When You’re Bored

I think it’s safe to say that everyone hates being bored and moping around, not having anything to do. You can do something around the house to keep you company when you’re bored, but I highly advise that you do something that you’ve never done before. I know that sounds quite scary to do something that you’ve never in you life experienced before, but if you choose correctly, you won’t regret your decision of trying something new.

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”
― Albert Einstein

There are so many things out there that you can do when boredom kick in. For me, it’s always fun to go on little adventures! Going on an adventure does not always mean to go out and do dangerously spontaneous things. When I have the time to hangout, I tend to go walk around the beach and go out to experience new place to eat. Shopping is something I love to do when I’m free, but I restrain myself from going too much because I tend to go overboard when it comes to shopping. Somethings that I’ve always wanted to do is go climb a big mountain and watch the sunset, cliff-jumping, zip-lining, swim with dolphins, and learn how to surf (quite sad that I don’t know how to surf because I live on the west coast). On more of the extreme side, I would also love to go swimming with sharks and skydiving. Of course, not everything that I like will appeal to everyone else’s interest.

You don’t always have to go on crazy adventures to amuse yourself when you’re bored. There’s always things that you can do around your house! Something that I think is very enjoyable is building pillow and blanket forts, and then watch a movie with friends (make sure there are lots of snacks to munch on!). To distract me from my boredom, I tend to cook up some sweets when I find myself in that type of situation. I back cupcakes or cookies, and then spend a whole lot of time having fun with them and decorating them. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little girlier, I glam myself up! I like to try out new, different makeup looks and hairstyles. Painting my nails and creating different designs is also one of the more girly things that I like to do. 

Have fun and go crazy whenever you’re bored! Don’t sit around and waste time, make the best of it!


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