“Plus Sizes” of Modern Fashion

Nowadays, girls are expected to have flat stomachs, and not only that, but they’re expected to have big breasts and a curvy body. Don’t you think that’s too much to ask for a girl?Many have heard of the uproar about Calvin Klein’s new line for “plus sized” women. According to the article People Are Outraged That This Is Calvin Klein’s Idea Of A Plus-Size Model of their plus size models, 27-year-old Myla Dalbesio, was considered a plus size even though she only a size 8, where as most brands start their plus sizes at size 12. Dalbesio is the SKINNIEST girl, but many people, including myself, don’t consider her a plus size. I consider her one of the curvier models. The fact that Calvin Klein considers a beautiful, curvy girl like her enraged many people. CK’s new line makes women feel as if they are “too big” because if Dalbesio is only a size 8 and considered a plus size, then anyone with a bigger size then her makes them feel really big, even though they’re really not.

Victoria’s Secret has also been recently slammed for their new line of lingerie called “Body by Victoria”. Their advertisement had the words “The Perfect Body” written across an image of skinny, tall models. This image was brought up in social media, where many people criticized the VS new line. People claimed that the ribs of some models were very visible. People believed that portraying these “perfect models” to have such little fat that people can see their bones would set a terrible example for young women. I can’t disagree with those who have said so. Victoria’s Secret is basically saying with it’s new line that if you aren’t as skinny as the models in their images, then you don’t have a perfect body and aren’t beautiful. This really lowers most women’s self esteem because not everyone is tall, and super skinny with nice breasts and butts. For the reason of outrage, VS has now changed the slogan for the lingerie line to be “A Body For Every Body.” If you would like to know more, check out this article: Victoria’s Secret Edits ‘Perfect Body’ Ad After Critics Complained It Was Damaging To Women.

It is wrong for such famous and known brands to do such a thing and go out and label those who are considered “over-sized” and those who are considered to be “perfect.”


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