Behind A Mask Called Makeup

Everywhere I go, I see makeup. Almost every single girl I see when I’m walking around has makeup on.

Nowadays, it’s quite rare to see a girl roaming around the streets with absolutely no makeup on. There’s always something on a girl’s face, whether it’s a bit of mascara or foundation and concealer fully packed on. Personally, I have on a bit of mascara and eyeliner on my eyes almost on a daily basis. But, I really enjoy having a makeup-free face so that I can let my face have a breather. Some weeks, I just decide to wear absolutely no makeup at all. It’s nice to be able to rub my eyes without having to worry about my makeup smearing.

I don’t mind girls wearing makeup at all. But, I find it a little crazy that sixth graders are starting to wear a bunch of makeup at such a young age. I didn’t start to wear a tiny bit of mascara until eighth grade. Decades ago, girls didn’t start wearing makeup until later years of high school. High schoolers now even wear fake eyelashes on the daily.

I know that some girls wear makeup and “need” makeup to make themselves feel more beautiful and confident. I don’t believe a girl should think that way. Everyone is beautiful in their on way and do not need a mask made of makeup to cover up their natural face. No one should be ashamed of their natural beauty. I believe that the only reason a girl should feel the need to wear makeup is to make themselves a bit more dressed up and girly, if they wanted to. For me, wearing and putting on makeup is just a fun hobby of mine.
I also think that the reason behind why girls nowadays wear makeup because of social media. In the world of social media, girls are portrayed as having a “flawless” face. Women look up to models who they would describe as “perfect.” They just don’t realize that the models they see are just human beings who aren’t perfect at all. The pictures you see of models are mostly edited. Many girls wear makeup to look more “perfect” and have beautiful skin, just like their inspiration. Girls, realize that you are all BEAUTIFUL in your own unique way, and remember to always love the way you look. You’re the only person that can rock your looks.

(Credits to my friend Joanna for this amazing blog post idea!)


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