It’s that time of the year again where it starts raining more often! Southern California obviously doesn’t get much rain, but earlier this week we got a come rain, and it was really exciting for me. I absolutely love rain, but unfortunately SoCal rarely ever rains. You known what rainy weather means… getting comfy right next to a fire with a book and some hot chocolate!!!






Sure, it nice to cuddle with a blanket and get all nice and warmed up, but rain is somewhat rare for me to see. I’d rather spend my time outdoors, enjoying and taking in the rain real well before it goes away. I know what you’re thinking, and no I am not talking about dancing in the rain. C’mon, be a little bit more unique! It’s quite boring to always be normal and following the trend. Don’t be CLICHÉ.

My favorite thing to do when it’s raining is to go outside and gather a group of people to play laser tag with. Myself, my little brother, and a handful of my cousins would go to one of my aunt’s house because she has a big backyard with many trees to hide behind. I always dress in a t-shirt and some pair pants that I don’t mind getting dirty because everything is muddy in the backyard, and we tend to crawl on the ground to take cover. My brother and I both have our own laser tag guns, and so do most of my cousins. For those who don’t have one and want to play, their role is the be the “spy” for their team. One time while I was playing, I was running really close to the edge of the pool and ended slipping and falling into the water. It really hurt my tailbone, but that’s okay because it was hilarious! My cousins even jumped into the pool with me, fully clothed. We eventually got out after swimming around for a bit and went back to the game. Quite an exciting game to play in the rain, especially in the evening!

I also really enjoy playing something I call “Blackout Hide-and-Seek.” Like playing laser tag, I only ever play this when it rains. I just find it more fun that way. It’s just like regular hide-and-seek, but with some added twists. Players are allowed to hide indoors or outdoors of the house (play this game in a preferably big house). Every single light must be turned off, both inside and outside. The only person to get a flashlight is the person that it “it” and has to go search for everyone else. Once you are found, you may not give any hints to the seeker and must go back inside of the house to dry off (if needed) and take a glowstick that shall be placed in a room for all those who have been seeked. The glowstick clearly shows the seeker all of the people who have already been found. Make sure that everyone gets a turn to be the seeker.

There are so many things that you can do when it’s raining. You just have to think outside of your typical box. 


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