I *insert heart emoji* CHRISTMAS

christmas. Christmas. CHRISTMAS. Christmas is like a child’s wildest dream of doing whatever they want. Who doesn’t enjoy Christmas?! I mean, even if people don’t celebrate Christmas… they still enjoy the time of the year! I’m pretty sure students enjoy December the most because half the month is break!! Well, sort of… not really with the amount of homework that we sometimes get. But, I STILL LOVE CHRISTMAS A LOT. So let’s keep this on the positive side and push aside the homework part, yeah?

Just thinking about Christmas makes me feel all bubbly inside. For me, Christmas just isn’t about the presents that you get, but more of coming together and giving the people you love gifts and surprises to see smiles on their faces. You should never take a gift for granted because whether or not  it was what you wanted, realize that the people giving you the present actually thought and cared about you enough to do something like that. In my opinion, the best part of gist giving is trying to find the perfect gift and seeing people’s reactions when they receive it.

Winter break for us still in school is probably one of the greatest things ever. You get time to just chill and hangout with your family and friends. Living in California, I usually either head to Las Vegas or up to Big Bear Mountain. Vegas has beautiful Christmas  decorations that are literally everywhere you walk. I haven’t been to Big Bear in a while because of the lack of rain/snow in Cali, but I’m finally going this year again. It’s been about 3 years since I last went. Can’t wait to get shredding on snow!!   

You know what Christmas also means? ….. YUMMY FOOD. This is the time of year to break out your sweet tooth and devour lots and lots of calories! Don’t worry, you can work off all the calories you’ve eater AFTER break and the holidays are over! My absolute favorite things is hot chocolate during the winter. I always add a bit off mint flavoring to my hot beverage, and also add in a bunch of marshmallows, a candy cane and cinnamon stick as stirring rods, and top it off with “some” whipped cream. IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN(; I basically love everything Christmas… even when it’s not winter! I’ve been going crazy about Christmas ever since July! You could say I’m pretty crazy. Get exited guys, because Christmas is just around the corner!! 


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