Half the Truth

Do you ever pour out ALL of your feelings and rant to a close friend about something that’s been bothering? Well, think again because trust me, there’s always something, like a feeling you have, that you hold back from your friend.

 Everyone has a secret that they don’t want to ever tell anyone. Don’t deny it, because then you would just be lying to yourself. There will always be that one thing, even if it’s the tiniest little detail, that you would like no one to find out about. I would say that feelings are the hardest thing to describe or tell someone about.

“Everything that is thought and expressed in words in one-sided, only half of the truth…”

Secrets come natural to human beings. Whether it’s one that can change everything if revealed, or it’s a tiny little thing that many only matter to you and not affect anyone else. Everyone is liar, so don’t go around calling others liars when you’ve probably lied to so many people without even knowing. Realize that every time someone asks you if there’s anything else you have in mind and want to tell them, and even if you say no, there is always something in that mind of yours. Maybe you can’t remember because it’s somewhere in the millions of thoughts that you have, or you just want to stay secretive. Don’t be shy to admit that you’re a liar, because everyone has secret… and every single secret you keep is another lie.

Do you ever have moments where you’re trying to explain something to someone, but just can’t seem to find the right words and put a finger on the idea? And then when you explain it doesn’t come out right or doesn’t fulfill all of what you had in mind? I’m sure everyone has or will experience something like that something in their life. That’s just how things are sometimes. And you wish that everyone can read your mind so that they’ll know what you’re trying to communicate to them.

Secrets may come natural, but the truth is something that you truly have to work for. And sometimes, the truth isn’t even the truth… but only half.


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