Dancer’s Life

Being a dancer isn’t easy. It’s quite tough. Many think that dance isn’t a sport and that all you need is coordination and rhythm. Not true. At least, not entirely true. There is more to dance. Not only does it require coordination and rhythm, but most importantly a lot of (1)

When performing in front of an audience and a panel of judges, you have to show them that you’re good. Make them believe that you’re the best by exerting your confidence. Confidence is shown by hitting every single move and having facials. If you show that you’re confident in your dancing, then the spectators will feel that you are executing your routine nicely. The way judges score you is based off of your confidence because they have never seen the routine before, therefore they don’t know how it’s supposed to look. Even if you mess up, you can brush it off with your confidence and you can still win, or at least place.

Most people think dance is an easy sport because you don’t have to exercise. An incorrect statement. You aren’t just naturally fit to do a three minute performance. You must be thinking, “A three minute dance? Psh that’s too easy.” Trust me, it’s way harder than you think. If you have ever seen a dancer after their performance, they’re heavily breathing and very sweaty. It’s a tough three or so minutes. Dancers have to exercise very often. Not just our legs, but our whole body. We do a lot of planking, which is personally my favorite. Conditioning our body is a normal thing to do as a dancer.

Like any other sport, dancers practice a lot. We constantly have to be practicing, even outside of practice hours. Days that dancers don’t have practice, they still practice on their own. We strive to look the best at competitions, so that means tons and tons of practice. Not only do we have to practice out routines, but also out facials. Facials are a big part of performing. The worst thing you can do is have a blank expression while performing, so you have to AT THE VERY LEAST smile. Hip hop facials are the hardest because it’s more “gangsta” and you have to have a lot of “swag”, so not so much smiling. Well, you know what they say… Practice makes “perfect” right?

Sportmanship also play a big part in a dancer’s life. When it comes to the award ceremonies, you have to have the best attitude towards other teams and dancers. Even if you don’t win, you should still smile and clap for others. It’s fine to feel disappointed, but don’t show it. You should feel happy for others. Never say that you deserved to win and others didn’t, because you don’t know if you deserved it or not. Most of the time you don’t get to see the other teams/dancers you’re competing against. So put a smile on your face and be

Next time you say that being a dancer is easy, think about everything that you just read. If you still think it’s easy after reading this, you’re… wrong. (:


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