Summer vs. Winter Sunsets

Do you ever sit and watch the sunset? Because I surely do. I think sunsets are absolutely incredible. I love when the sky becomes kind of pink and the clouds look like cotton candy. It amazes what mother nature can do. The sky is a masterpiece of it’s own. I mean, I guess you can say that I kind of am in love with sunsets…photo (17)

I think that watching the sunset on the beach is perfect. I love hearing the waves crash on to the shore, and just soaking in the nature. Sunset watching on the beach is something that I really enjoy doing in the summer with family and friends. We normally just sit there and reminisce the the glorious view in silence, the only noises being the waves. It’s a beautiful scene and I am very lucky to be able to live near the beach and do this whenever I want.

To me, sunsets are a signal that the night is coming and the day is almost over. In the summer, this is very exciting because it means time to party! No, I’m just kidding. It really means, it’s time to kick back and do whatever we want tonight, even if it’s staying up until we see the sunrise the next morning. During the winter, it’s way different. For me, sunsets in the winter means, I’m ready to snuggle up and sleep. But, no. I will always have something to do, also known as homework. In the winter, I feel like the best day to watch a sunset is on Sunday. It’s a fresh way to start off the week. I tend to finish my homework early on Sundays to chill and hangout in the afternoon. But, something always gets in the way… especially competitions. I don’t mind though. Even on a competition day, I always love to get a chance to just peek at the sunset.

Sunsets are like my remedy to stress. They always calm me down, and somewhat put me in a trance. I normally zone everything out and focus on nothing but the view in front of me when I watch sunsets. They are truely delightful, and sunny California sunsets never disappoint me.


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