Zoning Out: Music

My friends and I were just cruising down the road, heading to the Santa Monica Pier one summer day. Our windows were down, and we were just blasting our music. All of a sudden, “Santeria” by Sublime came on. That was my jam when I was younger, and I still remembered all of the lyrics. We were getting closer to the beach, seeing people walking towards the beach. I immediately thought to myself, “The beach and reggae music… what a classic.” As I was looking through the window and people watching, I started jamming out, singing and dancing in my seat. In that very moment, all I heard was the music. When the song ended, I turned around and my friends we’re taking Snapchats of me jamming out. I didn’t even notice their giggling from the backseats! Music is just so powerful…

You can literally find me listening to music anywhere and everywhere. Whether it’s when I’m getting ready in the morning, at school, in the car, when I’m doing homework, or even when I’m sleeping, I’ll always be looking to music. Music is kind of like my motivator. It really gets me into the mood of whatever I’m doing. For example, if I listen to music while I do my homework, I do it way faster than when I don’t have any music playing. Music can always keep me energized and pumped. That’s the reason why I always like to listen to music at school or before a performance. I tend to blast music while using my headphones, which isn’t the best thing for your ears, but I love listening to music loudly. Also, keep in mind that you need to find the right music for each mood you want to be in.

When it comes to music, I zone everything else around me out. If I’m doing homework and listening to must, I’ll blast through it and then when I’m finished, I won’t have a clue of what I just did. It’s the same thing with when I’m performing. Once I’m on stage and the music starts, the only thing I hear is the music, and the only thing I see are my teammates. When I get off stage after performing, I don’t remember a single thing I did. Almost as if my body just flowed with the music once I heard it. Sometimes I’ll be so focused on the music that I’m listening, I won’t even hear people right next to me who are trying to get my attention. Music is definitely a huge part in my life.


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