Warm Weather Coming in Strong

Now that spring has arrived, the weather is starting to warm up. In southern California, which is where I live. Most morning are cool, but the afternoon can vary from being warm with few clouds, to blazing hot with clear skies. I’m not quite used to the transition from chill to warm yet, so I often find myself wondering what I should do. Even though my schedule has been packed lately, I always try to find some time each week to go out when the sun is out and shining bright.

Spring isn’t exactly warm enough to go on night swims, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go during the day! I honestly love going for a swim in the spring because, unless you have a pool at your house or your friends do, the community pools aren’t very crowded. You don’t have to find and wait for a spot to sit, and the water stays nice and cool. You also get some relaxation time because not many people are around to be disruptive. The best part about swimming during the spring time is that there’s a breeze most of the time so that you can’t complain about it being to warm in the pool!

On those really warm days, the mall is a great place to go if you want to cool off. Malls always crank up their air conditioning on warmer days, so just go there to stay chill. What’s better than cooling off from the warmth while shopping? Nothing! (Well, at least I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head.) When you’re all warmed up and sweaty, you feel tired and don’t really want to do anything. So stay out of the heat and be productive! Otherwise if it’s a sunny day with slight hint of wind, enjoy the weather by going to outdoor malls.

There’s a variety of things that you can enjoy outdoors in the nice weather of spring as well! Throw a bonfire at the beach, go on a hike with friends, bike around wherever, go camping… Do whatever tickles your fancy this spring break and tell me all about it!


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