The BRAWL: Head to Head

Recently, my English class did this activity called The BRAWL. Basically, two groups would be asked a question, and they would present their take on it. Both teams would have to make some type of comparison between the book being discussed (in this case, my class used “All Quiet on the Western Front”) and something that is relatable to many people all around. Sometimes the two groups would have similar ideas and agree, but the soul purpose was to find something to debate. Everyone has different opinions, even though we do agree on certain things.

photo (2)I quite enjoyed BRAWLing because I found it intriguing to hear other people’s interpretations, and to see how far they would go to defend their point (even if I disagreed and thought they made absolutely no sense). I have noticed that many people seemed to get off topic because of the fact that they would just say whatever was at the top of their heads to prove that they’re right.
Many people, including myself, always say that there are not right or wrong opinions. I learned that when it comes to debating, that belief is thrown out the window. You will always stick with your point and think that you’re right, although you might consider the other person’s argument. I believe that people naturally enjoy debating, without noticing, in a calm and collected way. But, when you slap on the fact that the debate is being graded, people go HAM and all out. As human beings, it is a normal and natural thing for us to be competitive. For that reason, I wasn’t surprised when friends were calling each other out left and right during the BRAWL to get the winning score and better grade.
In class, we were all given time to prepare for the BRAWL and answer the questions. I did as much as I could and contributed to the group by adding in my own opinion with each question we answered. My opinions, along with my group members’, were combined to make an answer that we all agreed upon. During the BRAWL, I wasn’t the main speaker in my group, but I put in my opinions that I thought all of my group members would agree with whenever I could interject. BRAWLing is something that I have fun doing, and I hope to do more debates and such like it in my future English classes.


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