Innovation Project

For my English, we were assigned this project called the “30 Day Innovation Project.” Basically, it’s where you come up with an idea to contribute to your community and the society. My group and I had wanted to help the incoming students that tend to get lost around the school. The school is quite big and confusing, so we thought the least we could do is make a little guide for them to follow when navigating their classes.


Initially, my group came up with the idea of making colorful, eye-catching footprints that led from The Bowl of our school, and outwards towards specific hallways. We knew that it would be a big task, but we were willing to accept the challenge. We went to our assistant principal, who is in charge of all things activities, and gave him a mini presentation of what we wanted to do. He thought the idea was great, but we were turning down in the end. It meant that we would have to start over from scratch.

We still wanted to help and guide lost students, and our teacher brought up this amazing idea to make a digital map using Google Engine Lite. We thought that it was an overall genius idea because we didn’t have to spend any money, and it would be easily accessible to most people since many are constantly on their phones anyways. What we did was we pin-pointed all of the specific areas that all students needs to know how to get around to. Then to further help them, we took pictures of important key places around the school. Under some of the pins, you can find a short and straight-to-the-point description of what you would expect there.

Carrying out this project taught me how to be more helpful towards those around me. To be honest, I would have loved something like this when I was a freshman! I got lost and quite confused on the first day of school trying to go around and look for my classes, and this would have been a great help. But, the biggest thing I took away from this project was how to work my way around obstacles and build new paths. When we found out that our initial plan wouldn’t work, we were already about half way through the time that we had. That being said, we had to be quick on our feet and think of a new one. I’m proud of what we did for our project, and hoping that the new students will appreciate what we did for them!

Please click here to see a more detailed version of the map than what you see in the picture above.


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