Current Favorites: YouTubers

Hey guys! So you know how I started this thing I called “Current Favorites” a little while back? Well, I haven’t done one ever since and I miss it! So this week, I thought I’d share with you guys some people that I have been watching a lot lately. My all-time favorite is Zoe Sugg, or she also goes by the name of “Zoella.” Her most recent video had me in a pool of tears!

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Current Favorites: Music

Hello everyone! I thought I’d start something called “Current Favorites” to further connect with you guys, and also to tell you a bit more about myself. As of right now, I am constantly listening to “Chains” by Nick Jonas. It’s very catchy and has a very interesting meaning to it, and I will leave you guys to find out what the song means by yourself! I’m also really digging this song called “Break the Silence” by Francois Mulder. I hope you all have a lovely day and comment your music favorites!