The BRAWL: Head to Head

Recently, my English class did this activity called The BRAWL. Basically, two groups would be asked a question, and they would present their take on it. Both teams would have to make some type of comparison between the book being discussed (in this case, my class used “All Quiet on the Western Front”) and something that is relatable to many people all around. Sometimes the two groups would have similar ideas and agree, but the soul purpose was to find something to debate. Everyone has different opinions, even though we do agree on certain things.

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The school year is coming to an end, which means that this account is going to be no longer….. JUST KIDDING. If you guys didn’t, this account was made to blog for my English class. After the school year is over, we are not required to continue this website. But, I have come to really enjoy blogging, so you can definitely expect more content. Sorry for the lack of posts these past couple weeks, finals are coming up so it’s been real busy!

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Zoning Out: Music

My friends and I were just cruising down the road, heading to the Santa Monica Pier one summer day. Our windows were down, and we were just blasting our music. All of a sudden, “Santeria” by Sublime came on. That was my jam when I was younger, and I still remembered all of the lyrics. We were getting closer to the beach, seeing people walking towards the beach. I immediately thought to myself, “The beach and reggae music… what a classic.” As I was looking through the window and people watching, I started jamming out, singing and dancing in my seat. In that very moment, all I heard was the music. When the song ended, I turned around and my friends we’re taking Snapchats of me jamming out. I didn’t even notice their giggling from the backseats! Music is just so powerful…

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