Warm Weather Coming in Strong

Now that spring has arrived, the weather is starting to warm up. In southern California, which is where I live. Most morning are cool, but the afternoon can vary from being warm with few clouds, to blazing hot with clear skies. I’m not quite used to the transition from chill to warm yet, so I often find myself wondering what I should do. Even though my schedule has been packed lately, I always try to find some time each week to go out when the sun is out and shining bright.

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Zoning Out: Music

My friends and I were just cruising down the road, heading to the Santa Monica Pier one summer day. Our windows were down, and we were just blasting our music. All of a sudden, “Santeria” by Sublime came on. That was my jam when I was younger, and I still remembered all of the lyrics. We were getting closer to the beach, seeing people walking towards the beach. I immediately thought to myself, “The beach and reggae music… what a classic.” As I was looking through the window and people watching, I started jamming out, singing and dancing in my seat. In that very moment, all I heard was the music. When the song ended, I turned around and my friends we’re taking Snapchats of me jamming out. I didn’t even notice their giggling from the backseats! Music is just so powerful…

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Stress Eats Us Up

I think a lot of people believe that teenagers don’t have a whole lot of stress on their hands because all they have to do is go to school. Well, they’re WRONG. Teenagers have so much to do and the pressure just adds onto their stress. As a teen, I also undergo quite some stress. Not only do I put pressure on myself to do well in school, but I am also pressured by my parents and those who are around me. I always want good grades, but also want to be actively involved in stuff outside of school.

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